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Senior Contributor

Dropped by for a moment

What have they done to this place?   Talk about an interface downgrade.   They really do want to kill the site.


Looks like same stuff different day.   

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Senior Advisor

Re: Dropped by for a moment

New look same old crap. Government is great, life is cheap.

Senior Contributor

Re: Dropped by for a moment

Why come back here Ronnie when you have milligan site? Tired of speaking to the choir?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Dropped by for a moment



Thanks for "stopping by". To the contrary, we have received many positive comments about the new format and how it is much more user friendly. The new format is going over very well.


Let me know if you need help navigating through the new and exciting forum setup.





bruce MN

Re: Dropped by for a moment

We could have used you here a week or so ago to do some explaining to 30 and Red over some terminology and such. 

They acted like they were in the dark but it was a bit fishy. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Dropped by for a moment

Like so many sites that were simple somebody has a relative that needs a job or somebody was in jeopardy of losing their job because things were running fine. 

I get tired of making links for people and then somebody changes something so the link no longer works.  Amazon recently started bugging you when you buy something to sign up (they call it subscribe) for Prime.  You used to find what you wanted, click on it and check out, now you get hit about 3 times with "want to subscribe?"

Another weather site used to have 7 day forecasts made with a jpg so you could quickly load it and see the next 7 days.  Now you can't, you have to read a bunch of extra stuff to find out that it's going to rain on Wednesday.  Previously you saw a graphic of a rain cloud with rain and WEDNESDAY under the graphic.

As a former programmer I'm familiar with "creeping elegance", that's when everything is fine and simple but somebody wants more flowers, more unrelated stuff.