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Senior Contributor

Dump's VP choice

I wouldn't think it will happen with the dumpster, ya just never know.


Read an article today saying a dump/dump ticket, don and his daughter.  Would be perfect for the dumpster, he would have ample opportunity to "date" his girl.  



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Senior Contributor

Re: Dump's VP choice

kinda creepy !


   I heard his son Uday (Eric) extolling the same kind of stuff as daddy about his sister...........Smiley Sad

 I have not heard how Qusay (Don Jr.) feels about her.

Senior Contributor

Re: Dump's VP choice



What kind of father thinks that of his own daughter ?


What kind of Father says that out loud ??


What kind of people support / vote for someone like that ???




Re: Dump's VP choice

That's funny.

Senior Contributor

It seems a bit strange

Lusting after your own daughter hardly seem appropriate. I would be a bit worried about trumps innermost thoughts!

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Dump's VP choice

well, nobody has ever lusted over Chelsea Clinton, that would

be a pretty safe bet. 


Donald Trump is in the business of judging women based on

their that a surprise to anyone?


Bill Clinton, on the other hand, is an equal opportunity creep, 

based on some of the skags that he is associated with. Just

wait until the Trump organization starts showing us what Bill

has been up to for the last 16 years while Hillary was busy

being crooked.