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Durn Sine-tists


Guys couldn't be happy just nagging us aobut our favorite toys, now they're making a grab for some of that free gubmint grant money.

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Re: Durn Sine-tists

The map drawn at 18500 B.C. (boy I bet you hate that term) shows ocean levels where they are today......WHERE DID ALL THE MELTED ICE WATER GO?

Re: Durn Sine-tists

I beleive that Spokane WA was the west coast of the NA land mass at that time.

stand corrected

Like the fellers who suggest that the sudden cluster of earthquakes in OK is just one of those natural thangamajiggies like Yellowstone a few million years ago, geological timescales are tricky.


But even here, at a skeptic site, they note the high sea levels in that time.


But the current it is all a natural thingamajiggy, so party on!


Or just deny it in general- those scientists have been using a Canadian metre stick to measure it and fool you.


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Re: stand corrected



So it turns out this is all Canada's doing ??


It all makes sense now.


Thanks for the link.