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ETTD, Brian Kemp Edition

After SoS Kemp used every possible marginally legal tactic to get himself elected Gov in '18, a court ordered GA to update their antiquated and unsecure voting system which heavily utilized ES&S machines. That's how GA came to have a lot of Dominion machines.

Interesting places that also use ESS machines include a lot of NC and the S. FLA districts where Dennison's surprise margin of victory came from. Also ME and SC where Dennison was probably going to win anyway given the broader national trend but the degree of the Senate wins there were pretty surprising.

Anyway, Kemp is a crook who got rolled by a bigger one.


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Senior Advisor

Re: ETTD, Brian Kemp Edition

Now this is funny.

ESS HQ is on John Galt Dr. in Omaha.

bruce MN

Re: ETTD, Brian Kemp Edition

Re: that

An absolute must watch is the American Experience documentary on Laura Ingalls Wilder that premiered last night.

I haven’t talked to them but am suspecting that my Sisters and Daughters are mystified.

They actually took itquite easy on Ayan’s pal Rose.