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Senior Contributor

Early 70ies compared to today

Quite an long article comparing the Nixon impeachment times with today.

Lots of links to other sources to back up the article.

Will be interesting to see if the final outcome is similar.

Ample attention has been lavished on how different this era is from Watergate — which is understandable, given how remote the chances seem of U.S. President Donald Trump being forced to resign by members of his own party, the way Richard Nixon was.

But there are numerous parallels between the eras — televised impeachment hearings are just one item on that list.

Here are seven similarities illustrating that even when history doesn't quite repeat itself, it can still rhyme:


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bruce MN

Re: Early 70ies compared to today

I believe your last sentence is a stellar Molly Irvin’s quote. Or one she got somewhere and used often.

I don’t know if this will hit theaters up there but I’m going to try to get away and see it soon.

Senior Contributor

Re: Early 70ies compared to today

Thats got to be the stupidest trash ever linked here.  Stopped reading after a couple claimed similarities were not similarities at all.

bruce MN

Re: Early 70ies compared to today

Poor Dick.  No alt-right, no 4 or 8chan, no Internet....the crazy stuff had to be disseminated through tracts and sandwhich boards...

Big difference, of course, a Senate fairly well populated by people close enough in time to when the Nation had actually had been in danger of being conquered from the outside who put it above Party. It took another 19 years before the threat moved to the inside. 

A maturation of that is what patriots are resisting now.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Early 70ies compared to today

odd on how much in agreement we are , only you fail to realize that people that think like you are the ones that represent the true danger.

Senior Advisor

Re: Early 70ies compared to today

Just remember Nancy Pelosi said no one is above the law. No one.