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Senior Advisor

Earth to Calgary police

Canada now a country that promotes religious persecution? This is Trudeau's Canada? And Canuck refers to Trump as a dictator? Are you proud of your leader Canuck?


Why did it take SIX police cars to pull over a non-violent man of the cloth

Vanne, wrote to Neufeld:

“Re. Pastors Coates and Pawlowski, as they said during Vietnam… “THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING.”

“I would like to peacefully and respectfully ask - do you understand this is MAJOR news in the USA? No, not with the useless, never-watched CNN or the ‘wokeinistas’ at the “let’s ban everyone who isn’t politically correct” Facebook or Twitter, but it IS for most of the major alternative sites that have MILLIONS of readers, where your actions with Pastor Pawlowski is major, MAJOR news.  And you know what? This arrest is not simply going to “go gently into that good night” as Dylan Thomas wrote 100 years ago.

“My question: Why did it take SIX police cars to pull over a non-violent man of the cloth on Highway 2 at a major exit (Deerfoot Tr.) in the rain and risk an accident? Was this a Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar surrounded by 800 machine gun-toting body guards? Was he carrying a load of bathtub gin down to the US for a 1930s prohibition run? Maybe he was a criminal who just escaped from Alcatraz?? (which, of course, is now a tourist attraction.. we get it). Maybe a few armoured cars, a swat team or an Abrams tank might have been in order too? Maybe he could have been tased, too, just for good measure?  Just asking. 

“This is an *embarrassment* to you as the police chief of Alberta’s major city and the proud, province of Alberta that should be standing for freedom and the Canadian Charter of Rights.

“And now we are told he (Pawlowski) is in a cell where the lights cannot be turned off (other inmates can turn theirs off), there is only cement to sleep on, and no blankets.

A watching world knows that these pastors are owed a public apology

Vann continued:

“Would you please confirm if this is true or not, so I can report this to my audience and pass on. And if so, WHY are you doing this? Is this now Gitmo? Are unarmed pastors who only ask for warrant for their church to be searched during a service now equivalent to Osama bin Laden?

“I seriously would like to know the answer to the above. I am bcc’ing a number of people, some who have a large audience, with this email. I look forward to your response.”