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Egg on faces?

Mueller should resign and a new prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the actual crimes of Mrs. Clinton and Barry.


Or not.


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Re: Egg on faces?

Did you notice the disclaimer at the top of the article? "Note: This is satire. It is critical to point that out because it’s 2017 and it’s hard to tell. None of this actually happened, but it totally could have."

The 30 yr old kid

Not satire. Lives with his Mom:


The eggs are are all over the floor.

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Re: Egg on faces?

of course I noticed that.


It IS 2017 and just about all of this is surreal.


The downside of all of this to the democrats is that Trump is going to come out of this much stronger than ever, and the DNC is going to be much weaker than its already diminished self.


If  a prolife, middle of the road politician , meaning someone that doesn't covet what his neighbor works for, emerges on the democratic ticket....not a communist mind you....they probably will do very well as we can all agree that Trump is no good.


The converse is that the crap sandwich put up by the progressives is much worse and not the vision of aa country that decent people want to live in.

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Re: Egg on faces?

Trump used Russia generated material...he is

You can't understand that....I don't have any hope
For have been duped.

Now question he a Russian agent ??

He has used tons of the Russian generated, altered
He also has been tainted.

He says he is EIB.....and checks each story....he did
On much of the Russian stuff.....what did he
Miss.....or did he know since he is
EIB,....or is he a Russian agent ?
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Re: Egg on faces?

Is Bernie a russian agent? Or is Hillary the russian agent who stole the election from Bernie? We now know the russian have teamed up with black live matters. Are they russian agents. Russia russia russia......