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Egypt now officially an islamic nation

To be ruled by sharia law. What started out to be such a democratic revolution has ended in the worse possible way. No freedom, only punishment.



Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood claims that the disputed Islamist-backed  constitution has passed with a 64 percent 'yes' vote after a two-round  referendum.

The unofficial results announced by the Islamist group Sunday come a day  before the election commission is expected to announce the final official tally  for voting organized over two weeks.

According to the Brotherhood tally based on results from individual polling  stations as well as voting abroad, around 64 percent of 16.6 million approved  the constitution. Brotherhood totals have been accurate for earlier  elections.

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Re: Egypt now officially an islamic nation

3020 - Well, i guess the Infidels (all of Western Civilization) should set up a new predator drone program concentrated on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood.   They just love their sadistic  life style, of honor killlings, valuing dogs at a higher level than women and engaging in wholesale homosexuality.   Islam is not a religion, it is a political organization.  


In short, they want us dead, and if the rumor is true that we will soon fill our own energy needs (which I think is optimistic) we can then let them return to wondering the desert and return to their profession of being Camel Merchants.  They still reside in the 7th and 14th Century.  But for the 300, we would all be tuning in on Saturday Morning, and watching on TV the heads rolling down the steps in Mecca.


Fortunately for us, we have a CIA that understands who are real enemies are.  They can raise my taxes as long as I know it is goingto fund the predator drone program.  Adios Amigo. John


Re: Egypt now officially an islamic nation

I heard ag web was inviting everyone back.  Free milk and cookies I heard.

Senior Contributor

Re: Egypt now officially an islamic nation

Well, Faust, you've really done it now, this people don't like the drone program, they'd rather send our kids over in some god forsaken country, and let them get their arms and legs blown off. Then give the fat-cats another tax cut.


Re: Egypt now officially an islamic nation

According to UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings Christof Heyns, "secondary strikes on rescuers who are helping (the injured) after an initial drone attack, those further attacks are a war crime." Clive Stafford-Smith, the lawyer who heads the Anglo-US legal charity Reprieve, believes that such strikes “are like attacking the Red Cross on the battlefield. It’s not legitimate to attack anyone who is not a combatant.”

Not only has the Obama administration adopted the use of "double-taps" in its already hyper-aggressive drone warfare, the U.S. military now officially says that children are legitimate targets in the war in Afghanistan because the Taliban "may be recruiting children." While this may or may not be the case, President Obama's drone strikes have killed at least 178 children so far, proving that this may be yet another attempt to cloak the innocent deaths caused by drone strikes — and the anticipation of many, many more — in some type of legalese justification.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Egypt now officially an islamic nation

To engage in bombings that target civilians you had better have a pretty compelling national security interest in doing so, whether it is firebombing Tokyo and killing hundreds of thousands, carpet bombing Vietnam, or lighting up the skies of Baghdad.


If you don't, you run the risk of being no better than the disgruntled high school kid that tries to blow up the school, or the terrorists that you are targeting.


If the USA is indeed at the point of energy self sufficiency, we are in a good place to exit from the Middle East as Mitt Romney pointed out in his ill fated debates with Baby Hugo, aka Black Santa.


But no matter how I try to think that "this time it's different", I still see Roman legions leaving England, the wrong side of the Rhine, Asia and the parallel of  a contracting imperial America .

Senior Advisor

America would be a pseudo christian nation

If we weren't standing in the way. I wouldn't want our nation to be a religious based society regardless of the faith.


Because we won't allow you the same religious influence in our politics we are holding you bay.


Self governing mean self determination. They chose their government. It is not our job to decide for them.