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Ehh Canuck _2, Try this again

  I wonder if you have watched the 4 part series The Promise and or the TV program The Mosque. 

  I'm wondering how it was received by the public?


   The Promise, UK, other than a degree white washing the British complicity in the ethnic cleansing, and murder, it gives a honest picture of what really happened, the zionist terrorism and today's continuation of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.   I think it could be somewhat responsible for the growing support for BDS in the UK and other European nations in which it has been released.


  The Mosque is a decent attempt to counter Islamophobic brainwashing.  I doubt either of these programs would be allowed here by the zionist hate mongers.


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Re: Ehh Canuck _2, Try this again

I do not watch much TV except some local (Canadian) news shows and the occasional show on TVO here in Ontario which is a very good interview style show with many different people involved in news items.


While on holiday the last couple of weeks in Bermuda the only news we could find other than a local show of Bermuda news and weather for 30 minutes or less was a network feed from the US and I do not even remember the network. They kept beating the same subject over and over, mostly gay marriage, but had little news information on it.

But of course we mostly wathced the local weather info channel if the TV was on at all.


Now to get to your question I tried Googling 'The Promise' and found a 4 part series on the BBC but when I tried watching it they told me I did not live in an area where I was allowed to see it.

I have a way to pursue it if you think it is worth watching as I think my son still has a mirror link in the UK.


Did not find anything for "The Mosque" unless you were referring to The Little Mosque on the Prairie which is a Canadian show that I have heard of but again have never watched.


So maybe you are correct and we in North Anerica are not allowed to watch them.


Re: Ehh Canuck _2, Try this again

   I assumed it had been presented in Canada by now, the wiki entry said TVO Canada had bought the rights, but had delayed it, however the entry seemed dated so guessed it had been shown by now.  I guess Canada is subjected to the same forces the US media is controlled by.


  I watched The Promise on Hulu, which I had subscribed to a couple months ago so I could watch another movie.

  It is well worth watching, good drama, acting and it was filmed in Israel so it has very authentic scenes.


   I watch very little TV as I have not had one in my home for several decades, but most of my family and some friends always have the thing on all day.  I noticed The Little Mosque on the Prairie on Hulu and watched quite a few episodes to see how the subject was handled.  It's not bad, I was wondering how the Canadian public received it.

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Re: Ehh Canuck _2, Try this again

A lot of good programs on TVO.

One I catch from time to time is The Agenda with Steve Pakin interviewing people about news items.

Often Canadian news but gets into international news items too.


I will keep an eye out for the program when they broadcast it.


Little Mosque on the Prairie was on CTV network I think, maybe CBC.

I have seen the ads for it and only ever watch CTV for a local news program so have not watched the show.


As I said my TV is limited.

Get the local news and then whatever program is interesting right after that if we are late eating.

Lately we have been able to watch Big Bang Theory on a US station every week night.

Do not think there are many episodes we have not seen at least part of now.


Do not discuss TV viewing with many but Little Mosque on the Prairie has been running for several years now I think so there must be some audience for it.

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Re: Ehh Canuck _2, Try this again

Found it on CBC

Try watching episodes online and see if they shut you down or allow it to go across the border.


May try watching one myself to see what it is all about now you have brought it up.

Too late tonight.


Makes sense, CBC is much more likely to produce a series with some content.

CTV is very commercial, produce mind numbing material and buys most of its programs from the US.