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El Chapo del Norte

America's leading official Cocaine Cowboy now leading the NRA.

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Re: El Chapo del Norte

another rightie convict.


Felon that can't own guns is the leader of the NRA......


led the challenge to his convictions and they were overturned and vacated on the basis that his immunized congressional testimony had leaked over to influence witnesses in his criminal trials.


Which isn't to say that he didn't do it all- and more (the contra cocaine operation) but it does get messy when you've got overlap between congressional and criminal inquiries.


Precisely the sort of blurring of the lines that the current crop of felons are hoping for.


Anyway, I think on that basis he can pass a (heinous and communistic) background check.

the rule of law

did begin to collapse during the Reagan years- from the treasonous October Surprise to the Contra operations.


Even if more administration officials were convicted during those 8 years than any other 8 year period in our history the lines of executive authority began to blur.