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El Donaldo propses TWFTGME v9.0

So he's going to convene his generals and demand a plan within 30 days to rub out ISIS.


None of the first 8 (give or take) campaigns in The War for the Greater Middle East ended with anything close to ultimate strategic success and most made it worse.


As far as the question of whether a-holery offers any way out of our general malaise, not a good sign. Sounds like the death rattle of a troubled empire.

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Re: El Donaldo propses TWFTGME v9.0

Do you suppose these are different generals than the ones that have been running it so far?

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Re: El Donaldo propses TWFTGME v9.0

The Dallas Morning News endorsed Secretary Clinton today, the first time they have endorsed a Democratic Presidential Candidate in like 75 years. Basically, they were citing Trump being "unprepared" for the office. That's an understatement if I ever heard one.

He's trying to say what people want to hear, but then, as he goes farther into how exactly his plan is going to be borne out, he comes up with what os not workable, and no way that the plan would begin to pass any Congress.

The wall, for instance. Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. Period. It doesn't matter how Mexico is approached on the subject, they are not going to pay for it.

If you want a fence between you and your neighbor, you can imagine how well it would go over if you built the fence, and then took them the bill and demanded payment. Not going to happen. Yet, Trump keeps persisting on this, because now he needs to save face.

The guy is a loose cannon, hopefully as time goes on more people will realize how scary he really is. The more I see, the more I realize how much of a con man this guy is....

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Re: El Donaldo propses TWFTGME v9.0

"Period" where have I use the word used before? Oh yes it was you can keep your doctor period... We all know how true that statement was.


Re: El Donaldo propses TWFTGME v9.0

We messed up two wars and the only high ranking officer who was severely reprimanded was Janice Karpinski (Abu Ghraib), a reserve Brigadier who was demoted to Colonel. And subsequent memo relases support her calim that she was directed from higher up, basically the fall gal.


In WWII something like 40 generals and admirals were relieved of duty.


Another indication of an empire in decline.