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Elcheapo worried about russians mean while in Cal

Newsom is going to jail church goers. This after he has let 18,000 criminals out of jail because of covid. This what dems refer to as the new normal.


A Pasadena, California, prosecutor is threatening the leadership and members of Harvest Rock Church with fines, up to a year of jail time, and closure of their congregation altogether if they continue to hold in-person church services.

In mid-July Gov. Gavin Newsom directed houses of worship, gyms, hair salons and several other indoor venues to close in the counties on the state’s “County Monitoring List,” citing the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in those localities.

Newsom said the counties on the monitoring list make up about 80 percent of California’s population.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Elcheapo worried about russians mean while in Cal

Well aint that something...

You quote how the christians

Are hit on one side of the head.


it is ok for trump to want to

Cut off money and other things

to churchs and towns who do

as instructed in the

Care for strangers or those down

and in need.

Sorry, you cant have it both ways


Maybe the reason trump talks

That way is because he has

Never read the book.....

If he had....perhaps maybe wouldnt have been married

How many many

Women did he have to pay to

Shut up ?  Whats bible say

About gambling....and just

How many casinos has trump

Been in....what about the strip

Clubs...what the people he dupped

At trump university...only going

Belly up 6 times....

Then the horrible situation we

Are in now....a president...saying

To drink cleaner !!

And now...his own party comming

Out with how he is linked to


You want talk about people....start

In aint going to

Like what you hear.


Senior Advisor

Re: Elcheapo worried about russians mean while in Cal

So since Trump is a dog you are fine with the government telling you if you go to church without our permission you will go to jail.