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Elected Office Doesn't Come With A Crown

How out of touch with America is the political left? It's convinced it has the authority to reign. But this country was founded on the idea that the governing was to be done by representatives, not rulers.

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes tells the Daily Beast that President Obama "has a different belief system than most Americans." Nothing new there, but true nonetheless. Traditions of limited government, individual liberty and free markets are foreign to this president. This is a man who said he wanted to transform America and went about doing so as soon as he took office.

The stinging rebuke he suffered two weeks ago at the midterm elections doesn't mean Obama will slow down. He's being encouraged to stay on his big-government agenda by allies including John Podesta, the Clinton chief of staff who ran Obama's transition team.

Podesta, who now heads a "progressive" think tank that carries heavy weight with the White House, told the media this week that the former community organizer still has an opportunity to "push the country to a better place."

Podesta tried to qualify his remarks, saying Obama must work under the "constraint" of law and the "restraint" of wisdom.

But neither law nor wisdom holds back those who believe they're above the former and in sole possession of the latter. Socialist democrats indeed want to push the U.S. to a place they believe is better, even if most Americans don't want to go along because they know it's not in their best interests.

Examples of the elitists' push abound. There's the health care overhaul, the takeover of General Motors and a failed stimulus, all of which are now law, and proposals to change Americans' lifestyle through the forced reduction of carbon emissions.

Richard Wolffe, author of "Revival: Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House," saw up close how the left thinks when he had access to the president and his senior staff. Obama, says Wolffe, "goes around telling people that he would rather do big stuff and be a one-term president than small stuff and be a second-term."

Wolffe likened Obama to George W. Bush in that both would say they are in office "to do big stuff" and aren't concerned with the price. But it's a mistake to think that tax cuts, which promote economic liberty, are in any way related to taking over the health care system or an automaker. Yes, Bush had some big-government ideas. But his goal was not to shove America off its moorings.

Obama, of course, isn't the only one who thinks America leaves something to be desired. George Soros, the billionaire progressive, believes China "has a better functioning government than the U.S." New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman also has a China fetish, contending "a reasonably enlightened group of people" are running that country better than U.S. lawmakers are managing our federal system.

Both seem fed up with the American style of government, with its meddlesome checks, balances, constitutional limits and gridlock, and would prefer to live under a kind and wise monarchy that can simply force its agenda on an unwilling citizenry too backward to look after itself. In Friedman's world, it's even OK for an enlightened autocracy to take "things away from people" if it needs to.

Liberals' shaky connection with the rest of the country was strained even further Wednesday when Nancy Pelosi was elected House minority leader. As speaker, she pursued far-left policies that led to the Democrats' midterm rout and loss of House control.

In keeping her on, Democrats have demonstrated how much they are wedded to a radical agenda that voters have repudiated.

Americans don't need a push from those who imagine themselves to be their superiors. What they want is more room to live their lives without state interference.

It's inspiring to see them begin to take back what the left has been snatching away for years.

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Re: Elected Office Doesn't Come With A Crown

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