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Senior Advisor

Election Ad

Senator______ swore an oath to seek justice and defend the Constitution, then voted to not permit witnesses for the first and only time in 17 Senate Impeachment trials. With 80% wanting witnesses, ought to resonate.

Gardner, McSally are toast. 

BTW, curious that none of the misogynists say anything about Collins- she's about as feeble acting as she could get short of being comatose. She's done.

Joni might pull it off. Iowans tend to elect politicians for life and they have gotten a vast tsunami of Stormy payments. Payments of not, the 50% chance that the farm economy is going to be worse come fall may matter.

Thom Tillis polls the worst of all of them but I don't know much about that race.

D's might pick off one of two in GA.

Doug Jones is probably toast- I wouldn't blame him for voting against his party here if it certain that the fix is in anyway. Probably won't help him. 

Gary Peters in MI rated as slightly vulnerable.Pic s of his opponent with Parnas and Fruman might help but MI and NC are two of the states that will be outright war zones in the months before the election.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Election Ad

Another ad could feature Justice Roberts' refusal to take action as the possibility that the Chief Counsel was a fact witness and accessory in the crimes became known.

Kangaroos on a chugga chugga choo choo would be good.