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Re: Election Reflections

Hey Red, good to see that you rebranded yourself.


The narcissism still oozes.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Election Reflections

it's one "L".


And once you commit a felony and are successfully convicted (no easy task, or one

with any certainty...the conviction, that is) you SHOULD never vote again in my opinion.



Veteran Advisor

Re: Election Reflections

Ms. Jennifer is slow roasting the crow for THanksgiving...maybe it tastes

pretty good compared to the crap sandwich that Barry has fed the nation

for the last 8 years. Glad to finally be rid of that Turkey...we have a lot to

be thankful for this holiday season, as well as much to be concerned



At least we don't have to worry about a "bird" with two plump thighs, small

breasts, and two left wings being on the plate anymore. The KFC Clinton

special is gone. LOL