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Election postponement anyone ??


if you don't think daddy is working on this stunt........ I have some Ocean front property in Kansas to sell you.....


" We held and election in 1864. We sent ballots to soldiers overseas in 1944. Now Republicans from Trump to McConnell to State Legislators, hoping for low turnout, are blocking efforts to enable Americans to vote in 2020. It's a disgrace. The word that comes to mind is unpatriotic."  Bill Kristol.

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Re: Election postponement anyone ??

I think that voters will crawl across broken glass to vote against Dennison.

They've got their work cut out for them but don't sell them short.

BTW, has anybody alerted Kobach that Dennison committed vote fraud by voting in FLA (Mar-A-Lago is zoned resort, can't be a residence)?

That would take the tally up to a couple dozen. They'd lock a black nobody up for 5 years for that.

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Re: Election postponement anyone ??

He also made even more chilling

Talk at another source.

You so called patritots better wake

Up and see what trumps spokesperson is saying.....

Doing away with the election

Doing away with the constitution

Saying the president has absolute


Folks....this stuff is spooky as

Hell....Ive never heard talk like

That....and comming from the



Nightmares are made of such 


Now....trump does not believe his

Top doctor....and now questioning...questioning how

Many people have died ...

Folks, its 3:05 am....I cant sleep...

This bunch is bad to the core.

And if that isnt enough. .I look

At the farm books....and reviewing

The market action and anylsis

of the markets... Guess what, our

markets are going to hell...why ?

Trade dispute with china....and

Just who is causing the stink ?


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Re: Election postponement anyone ??

Won't happen.  Don't worry.

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Re: Election postponement anyone ??


Doing away with the constitution

Saying the president has absolute



What you mean to say was governors.