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Re: Election results

I noticed that the map was all about percentages of State funding, and not in dollars, or amount of aid per capita.   I wonder why that is?

Could it be that the States who recieve the least Federal aid, as a %, spend so much more, that the aid is a smaller portion of their budget?


 For example, we can take my home State of Nebraska, which Ag's chart says says gets 34.2% of their State funding Via Federal $$

Now, go to #1 on the Liberal list, Mass, which gets 28.8%, of its funding via the Federal Gov't.


Now, go to another chart I found, where you can punch in 2 States, and compare per capita total State spending.


I ask you, which adds up to more Federal spending/aid, per citizen:  34.2% of $5439, or 28.8% of $8597?


Location Per Capita State Spending
Massachusetts $8,597
Nebraska $5,439