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Elvis and Trump


“He's like a canary in the coal mine. We should have taken our notes when Elvis was destroyed by the very forces that are destroying America today — unchecked greed, the lust for power and money — being placed on a pedestal above real priorities of the people, by the people, for the people. Priorities to which we should be devoted. Instead, this is a country that has an out-of-control love of power and money, and we have allowed that to empower the .00001 percent to run this country into a horror show at the expense of everyone but themselves.”



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Re: Elvis and Trump

Our country has already been irreparably damaged by Trump's having normalized being a jerk.


On the other hand we now know who were just pretending not to be.

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Re: Elvis and Trump

So Trump killed Elvis.........HEE HEE HEE. Come on Nox start another  thread. This is great!!!!

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Re: Elvis and Trump

20, did your mother have any children that had a brain?

Trump should be like Elvis and leave the building!