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End of WWII iconic photo

Well who would have thought, turns out the WWII kissing sailor was plain old female harassment and assault, well, according to the #me-too movement who vandalized a statue portraying this iconic moment.


I guess vandalizing this statue was the #me-too way of memorializing the death of this soldier.


Looks like we found a group of people that would definitely flunk the citizenship test.



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bruce MN

Re: End of WWII iconic photo

Well it probably wasn’t a Soros falseflag or a made up assault story.

I’d never known that there was a statue. If it did indeed touch a reaction it could have been in response to the name it was given more than anything.
Veteran Advisor

Re: End of WWII iconic photo


Went by the statue a couple of years ago on the way to Ledo beach. Great city, Sarasota.


I said that in a decade or so we will watch Mt. Rushmore get blown up...probably won't have to wait that long if your crew takes power back.


Guess Amy K. is off to a rocky start in her POTUS bid. Who would have seen that coming, eh?