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End the Bush tax cuts



"The White House is putting on tremendous pressure, making phone calls, the president is making phone calls saying this is the end of his presidency if he doesn't get this bad deal," he told CNN's Eliot Spitzer.


If Obama really thinks that way, I will take the tax hit just to be sure he is gone in 2012. Obama only thinks about himself, it is all about him. He got that  from Clinton.

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Senior Contributor

hmmmm interesting

Maybe it would be worth a year or 2 of hell to finally drive a stake through liberalism for good. Then get a mandate to REALLY straighten things out after the 2012 election. I would however pity the fool that would croak in 2011 though,  E$tate taxes big time!

Senior Contributor

Re: End the Bush tax cuts

I think you're throwing too much flame at Obama.  All politicians are for themselves and their legacy rather than the people who elected them.  Look at one of my representatives from Nebraska, Ben Nelson.  He took the under the table money and such for a vote this year.  The road straight the Hell is paved with good intentions.  Unfortunately, there are way too many newly elected people that have good intentions.

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Re: hmmmm interesting

If the fools in charge don't stop playing politics with estate and business taxes, more players are going to keep taking up their toys to go play elsewhere. I have even thought about it.


I bet at least one rich person was kept on life supports until January 1, 2010 to excape the estate tax.


Soon we will see a whole new cottage industry for lawyers and estate planners to get single people with $10 million of assets lined up with compliant "marriage partners" just to scheme the estate tax.

Senior Advisor

Re: hmmmm interesting

I think you should seriously consider leaving. Not that I want to see you go but if paying taxes is such a crushing burden you would probably be happier elsewhere. I don't know where that might be but you could travel and find that ideal nirvana you seek.


America needs to have the soul to support the government and for societies needs. If capitalism refuses to provide health care for the masses then government should. If the insurance industry will not provide health coverage for all people, then they should stand aside and make room for a plan that has the objective of caring for people. Profit motives should not be the main objective, period!


Another option would be to do yourself in before January 1 2011. You could avoid those costly estate taxes all together.