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End the Fed?

Hardly a secret the Fed always goes out of its way not to offend the incumbent POTUS in the year before an election- at minimum- but obviously there's never been such a bald faced cased of knuckling to presidential pressure as the current one.

Although I'm guessing that for most adherents of 'ol Friedrich and Ludwig it'll be "yeah, maybe when the other guys are in power."

Like budget deficits.

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Re: End the Fed?

It is fair to assume that Mnuchin and his criminal friends at the primary dealer banks set up the repo crisis as justification for massive, long term stimulus.

But for Jesus!

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Re: End the Fed?

1. It's not constitution.

2. Your projection is showing again.

3. The is going to kill itself because it has no other option.  The globalists are being dismantled one piece at a time.  It's quite beautiful.

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Re: End the Fed?

Oh yeah. Ol' Ludwig, Friedrich and Q.

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Re: End the Fed?

Arthur Burns went super soft for Nixon in '72- a bit of the recipe for high inflation '73-'82ish.

Which, like Watergate, you gotta wonder what he was worrying about- he was re-elected when McGovern was nominated.

Dennison will not have that luxury, no matter who the nominee is.