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Senior Advisor

Enough is enough

Folks, last week or so i havent

Felt good...i usually get cranky

When i feel like this.

I have watched some of the

Impeachment stuff..and cought

Up on my reading.

The stuff in washington makes

Me tired...we have facts...self

Admitted facts...and now new

Evidence has come out...bolton.

We now listen to trumps people,

That would go on for hours about

"Legal theory"....going on ad nausium about things that are

Talked about in law class...but

Not practical....i am now listening

To a diatribe about "inverted constitution" saying the

President is this all powerful

Person, who can make foreign

Policy, and the like.

This was all started last night by

A law professor...remind yourself,

He is a professor...and it is HIS opinion... 

I can drag 20 others who will disagree...yet, we are lead to

Believe this was the way it is,

But is not.

I keep hearing, no crime has been

Comitted ..this is would

Be like going to court to say, oh

My client is not guilty because

There is no law aginst it...he did

Nothing wrong...

Think about that...even if there is

No law, he still did nothing wrong..

Huh ?

Half of the things the trump team

Is saying is going over everyones

Heads...and is legal theory...not

Case citation.

Use big a long time..

You look smart.

Bottom line...all the information

Should be made available...

Ie, additional witness's.


Saying the house didnt bring it a trial...if new evidence

Becomes CAN be

Admitted...but there is a procedure.

The question the things trump has done, the way he he fit to be president

To this level...politics should have

No impact on this decision....the

Question is what is best for the