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Ethanol and politics

I see Tim Pawlenty is proposing phasing out ethanol subsidies and he is doing it right in Iowa.

The comments are interesting reading too.

there are better/more productive fuel additives other than ethanol that can be grown in iowa.BY LLOYD C on 05/23/2011 at 13:53
Ethanol has been one of the biggest boondoggles in history. A waste of farmland and a terrible fuel when based on corn. Certainly not green either as even Al Gore no longer supports it.BY BIGT on 05/23/2011 at 14:46
I can't believe I actually am agreeing with Pawlenty. ethanol subsidies were a bad idea to start with. AND they dwarf the big oil subsidies, who by the way gets most of the ethanol subsidies as well. 


Yes, hemp can convert sunlight into sugar much more efficiently then corn can. And, hemp does not need the amount of fertilizer that corn requires. But, ethanol is just no good for motors, especially 2 stroke motors. And for some dumb reason hemp is illegal in the US, on a federal level.
BY GONE FISHING on 05/23/2011 at 19:49
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bruce MN

Re: Ethanol and politics

While serving as Gov. of Minnesota he'd have drank a quart of it on TV on the capitol steps if he'd have thought it would get hi soem votes and keep his industrial ag contibutions coming in.


In fact, he won his last election despite trailing late in the polls on account of an "ethanol gaffe" on teh part of the Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor.


I  support the position he's taking now. Did way back when he didn't. More or less agree with the commentors. 


 His position now is to solidify his standing with the no govt. spending crowd. It''s not about energy, the environment, "burning food" or anyithng of the sort. It's part of steadying himself as the obvious choice for what is left of the idealogical tea partiers. Where I'd disagree with him would be on subdidies. I'd favor massive long term subsidies for real energy reform. Rail, investing in research like the alternative roads you linked us to, forced conservation, etc. He'd have absolutley no interest in that. He's intersted in being in big energy's pocket.


If only we could just power the nation on slime. Timmy and Gingrich could just set up shop somehwere and we could put a tap in them.