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Evan Thomas on health care.


However, nearly a year after Obamacare was passed and signed into law, he admitted Republicans were right for voicing their opposition of it.

“It ain’t because of Congress,” Thomas said. “The unemployment will go down a little bit but the game in Washington will still be this unreal game. Health care though – I got to say, is one place where I think where Republicans are right.”

Back in November 2009, Thomas admitted the health care reform bill had flaws, but still voiced his support for it. Now he has proclaimed it a failure.

“The health care bill is a disaster,” Thomas continued. “We’re sort of slowly learning – it’s not working. It’s interesting – they’re implementing it and it’s not working out at all as people anticipated. There’s all sorts of wildly wrong projections. As it’s being practiced – it’s failed.”

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man of steel
Senior Contributor

Re: Evan Thomas on health care.

I don't know what to tell you Milligan. most thinking people saw it that way all the way back to........the beginning of time

Senior Contributor

Re: Evan Thomas on health care.

For those not familiar with Thomas he is the soon to be ex-editor of Newsweek magazine which has gone broke and was recently sold.  Thomas's politics line up much more closely with Dems then Repubs so he must have some real misgivings about the reform package.  I wonder if this result in Thomas getting less guest spots on MSNBC now?