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Even a democrat can say good job

well I have to give credit to trump, he did something good by putting in Kelly for chief of staff.

things has been getting a bit out of control at the white house.  It is important that the white house speaks

with a single voice.  It had been going from one way to another.

moocho had no business saying what he did, or even in that position......the bigger question that needs to be and why ?

this fellow is there to get things organized and bring some order.....and he has a big job. I will give credit to

trump, he realized this was needed, and so he did that.....((see I can admit it when trump does something

just doesn't happen often !!!))

it is becoming critical to be organized and have a single message and voice, we are approaching a dangerous time.

the issue with north korea/china is a powder keg, and we must be careful here.....someone makes a slip up, and things

could turn bad fast.....I think Kelly realizes this.

Same with Russia, things going backwards there.

then all the trade issues........

and if that isn't bad enough, we have the ACA/insurance issue to deal with, along with the budget.

this bunch must get its act together, figure out what is the right thing to do, not just what sounds good on a sound bite, or

one secy of a department says this, and another says that, and you have to have a press secy that is smart, and on the

ball, understand the big picture....and frankly be told what the big picture is so they can look intelligent.  Again, that position

is critical talking to nations, and the American people.   Also, the state dept is very critical right now, and sounds like the secy

was not happy, because WH says one thing, and he say another.......someone needs to unify them, so no mixed signals

are sent.

so I dare say, this was actually a good day for trump............


now if only Kelly could wressle that tweeter from him, we could start to move forward..........we've got a lot of work to do.

we've got to work with everyone, so now is not the time to start to stab people in the back at 3 AM with a tweet.


it's all hands on deck........including the president.




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Re: Even a democrat can say good job

Sorry to say it is not going to happen elcheapo. The dems will attack and insult until hell freezes over.