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Ever see a 28 mile runway?

Go to the current Fast and Furious movie and you`ll see one   A plane on the runway going 115mph for 15 minutes would be about 28 miles long.  I enjoy movies, but with all this green screen crap it`s becoming ridiculous for even comic book standards.   I remember Arnold or Sly falling out off a mountain and would plausably fall into a pine tree to break his fall so it would theoretically be able to survive the fall, then there was consquences of having to sew up his own arm. 


I wouldn`t say anything normally, these movies are geared to 14 yr olds.  But in the past, movies had to make some kind of sense.  Could this be why politicans like 0bama get elected?  I don`t know if it`s a chicken and egg thing, which came first, but it is an esay on the dumbing down of the American public.