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Ever want to shake somebody elses head?

WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!

I'm at a loss to explain the stupidity of my fellow man.  I understand the leftist on here are those who take advantage of government work(oxymoron) and hand outs but why  in the lords name would a family man and wife who work, own property, don't use illegal drugs, pay their debts and mind their own business believe that Democrats are good for them?

Democrats support letting criminals roam the streets, support destroying the concept of a country with allowing anybody into the country, want to take you freedom of travel by forcing you into point a to point b travel options, force you to drive a car that costs 2 or more times what a IC powered vehicle cost, force you to use unreliable power so that intermittent power is the norm like third world countries, remove you ability to defend yourself, remove police or hamstring them, regulate industry and agriculture to the point that it's no longer productive.  And these are just a few of the things that they are doing to wipe out America and its wealth and freedom.  Yet people still fall for the line that Republicans are going to take their freedom while Democrats already have!  Idiots. 

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Re: Ever want to shake somebody elses head?


If you like your current status quo, you can keep your current status quo. Choose to do nothing.

Otherwise, shut-up, and prepare to vote like you are trying to punish those who have betrayed you these past two years.

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Re: Ever want to shake somebody elses head?

Democrats are fully aware that their party`s policies are indefensible, if you`ll notice they don`t defend "defund the police" or argue it`s a "good thing" antifa took over 6 blocks in Seattle.  That`s why covid, "Trump`s troubles" and Ukraine" were such godsends to them, it was a distraction so they don`t have to explain the inconsistency and often times hypocritical  policies they are forced to support (by proxy) .  

Envy and revenge are powerful emotions and I`ve observed that`s  their motive, it`s no more complicated than.  They are Democrat, even putting up with policies that impact negatively their modest successes.  There`s analogies in sports, like during the playoffs, a fan will even root for teams they don`t like, if it helps their team make it to the playoffs.  Seinfeld fans out there remember George`s nemesis  "Lloyd Braun"?    George was compared to Lloyd Braun and that made him hate Lloyd all the more. 

 Liberals see government as the big brother who "helps them" even though the big brother holds them down and farts in their face every chance he gets, but knowing their big brother beats up everyone else worse is a form of solace to them.   Mental illness manifests itself in many different psychosis` and a little over half the country is currently inflicted.



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Re: Ever want to shake somebody elses head?

I don't think the majority of Americans will vote for those too stupid to know the difference between a boy and a girl. Or those who claim men have babies.