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bruce MN

Evidence presents itself here

A couple of the bois here have laid out fairly well how strained RW hold on political power is beginning to become based on changing views and activities around COVID vaccination.

A) The increasing dependence on the “pre-existing” Anti-VAX culture and dogma. Don’t know if winger S was hooked up with the cult before this, but he’s bringing a lot of that general pile of horseshlt into his case here.

and B) bois R has moved from just general disdain for all things suspected of being “liberal” or whatever into the darkness of Q.

Bellwether moments, or random frustration?

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BA Deere
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Re: Evidence presents itself here

Outside of my usefulness as a slave, Biden and his ilk would just as soon people like me were wiped off the planet...and that`s okay.  But seems to me everyone can get a shot and be protected from "idiots like me" ...well let me catch Covid and die then, true I can work like 10 slaves, but there are continents of people in the world that could pick up the physical labor void that "covid deniers" like me would leave.

All I can figure is it would make Biden look good politically if he could "bring us all together and 95% of the country would get shots".   Or the other possibility is the Biden crew is afraid that us Covid deniers WON`T DIE and the vaccine will turn out in some way not a good thing.  Which will reveal the covid deniers as the smart ones and Biden and his ilk as the frauds that they are for deceiving a lot of fine people. 

Like I say, there`s something in it for Biden and the Democrats to getting everyone vaccinated.  I made it through 18 months of not catching Covid when many whom I know did catch it.   Symptoms were described as "really bad" to "mild flu"  I do not know anyone who`s health was ruined from Covid.  I do not know anyone personally who died from Covid.  I had heard anecdotal  cases of for instance someone`s elderly aunt with many health issues died and they wanted to call her death "Covid".   If it`s such a deadly virus, why do they have to resort to lying and cooking the books???   And where are the dead bodies??  Why aren`t my friends dying right & left???