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Re: Except for the Holy Bible

Umm, we all know what he posted, that wasn't the ? Seems you just posted something dopey for the sake of being a dope. You should have just left it alone instead of going all nqxgh with your opinion, belief and just know about someone's ***** being handed to em in some past post.



Another pro-nazi Ukraine and Bush "conservative" clown is upset.  

I'm so surprised by Ed trying to do his best here... Claiming someone is like kNazi while he's promoting the same BS as kNazi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


No one has to hand you your áss Ed, you do it all on your own.  😉

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Re: Except for the Holy Bible

Remind us of all the weapons of mass destruction your daddy found spending America's kids and treasure in Iraq....

And let me ask Special Ed, did you also vote for Hillary like Daddy Bush?

Some great idols you have dumbäss...



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Re: Except for the Holy Bible

[Remind us of all the weapons of mass destruction your daddy found spending America's kids and treasure in Iraq....]

Don't know you your saying my daddy (actually I don't know anyone above 8th grade that even says that) is nqxgh but I was against iraq war....what about you?

[And let me ask Special Ed, did you also vote for Hillary like Daddy Bush?]

Your 8th grade slur aside, I did not vote for hillary, as stated before I voted for trump....what about you nqxgh?

Senior Contributor

Re: Except for the Holy Bible


So being against the war and all..... You admit that Bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction?  


 And oh I know Special Ed, you're so against the nation toppling of Iraq,you want to go wasting American Treasure and very possibly American kids in Ukraine....  


Such against the Bush's policy of war in Iraq....  Not one but both ended up burning American Treasure and kids there.  And after Red pointed out how much of RINO's they are, you double down on your elation of the Bush's...


Red's article he posted:

(Former Republican President George W. Bush even congratulated Clyburn on his decision to make the endorsement, which preceded a landslide victory in the the Palmetto State, paving the way for Biden's eventual party nomination and White House victory.

"George Bush said to me today, 'You know, you're the savior because if you had not nominated Joe Biden, we would not be having this transfer of power today,'" Clyburn told reporters on the day of the president's inauguration.)


You're response:

(I'm a bigger fan of bush now that I was in 2001 but have always liked President GW Bush.

Probably didn't hurt that he called the ny times reporter(s) a major league azzhQle.)

Not only Iraq but a never ending war in Afghanistan.   The only person to end it was Trump.  


But your heroes..... One congratulating someone on helping move Biden into the white House, the other openly stating he vote for Hillary.  And these are your politicians....😂😂😂


The man that ended the never ending wars... Both were against.  Yeah, you're "I was against the war" is drowned out by your retarded support of the very people that started it.  


And no, I didn't vote for Hillary.  Nor do I support someone who did.  😉

Senior Contributor

Re: Except for the Holy Bible

Here you go Special Ed.....  Here's your commander and chief of your Ukraine war on the Iraq war.

Doesn't really matter that someone pointed out their premise for Nation building was as full of holes as the sponge between your ears... 

The answer for your Daddy and Slow Joe who align on these important topics is always... More Nation Building!  

They align so much so, that Bush was happy to see him get the white house nod over Trump.  

But tell us more about the great policies of the coke head that was not polling well prior to 9/11 and who's second term was composed of non stop nation building and spending American Kids and Treasure....

This time it's different right?  😂😂😂

Special Ed: "I'm not for the last never ending war that has no real American interests and was based on lies, I'm for the current one!"  😂😂😂



But out of curiosity, what secondary policy outcome of him and the the intelligence agencies from either at minimum not stopping or bombing the world trade centers did you like the most?

The part where he signed the Patriot act that allowed them to "legally" record and store without warrant all of your phone calls, texts, emails and financial transactions that could at any point later be searched with a rubber stamping secret judge in a secret court?  

Or the part where they make you take off your shoes and belts, stand in hours long lines, waste billions of dollars, force women and kids to be groped by strangers, only allowed to take 4oz of any liquid you might use while away from home, and radiate kids and pregnant women for likely zero increase in safety?

Honestly I just can't pick between... Great policies *****!


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Re: Except for the Holy Bible

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Re: Except for the Holy Bible

GH, you picked up where nQx left off. I don't even read your post anymore. You are the type to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Sad.

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Re: Except for the Holy Bible

The "war party" is a two headed monster in America. Reading the posts here show how deeply entrenched its tentacles are.

I can agree with BA , Ed, 3020 that joebiden is a joke, and abortion is murder, etc. but I agree with Sam and GH that we are being sold a bill of goods about Putin and the Ukraine.

And , to be honest, that is one of the strengths of "our side"......we have dissent. Not a bunch of sheep like Bruce, Nutz, Icky etal. Whatever topdown gruel is handed to them, they try to digest.

Biden's 'Great MAGA King' jab blows up in his face - YouTube

We can all agree that the days of "joebiden" are numbered. What a feeble fool.

Senior Contributor

Re: Except for the Holy Bible

You do Ron, or you wouldn't be replying. 

I'll be real honest with you, I just don't care what you think.  

If you had any real input, you'd comment on what you believe is correct or incorrect.  And if you had any substance behind you, you'd back it up with evidence.  You didn't.   

Instead, you're making a really sad attempt at an ad hominem attack.  

Not being willing to call BS, BS because it's wrap in "your sides" flag is dishonest and gravely dangerous to this nation.  If you aren't intelligent enough to see that, you're the type that would be willing to go get an injection of a toxin because the government and some celebrities told you to.... Oh wait you already did. 

The stakes for the world at the point in time are high.  At least for the ones that won't be exiting early because they didn't learn any lessons from WW2.    

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Except for the Holy Bible

If you don`t care what other people think, why are you here?  If you have to be so abrasive to make points that are only obvious to yourself, are those who read your stuff only doing so to watch the train wreck?   

Social media has ruined what may`ve previously been some folks with independent thoughts.   Not to pick on Bruce, but he will write a title and only have a stupid link to "some guy on twitter"....what the fück am I supposed to do with that???  And GH is essentially doing the same thing, he has his "twitter proof" as evidence and backs it up by being a ássholé.   If I want to "read some guy on twitter", I`d be on twitter.   

So, no, I don`t "read" everyone for information, some get "read" simply for the train wreck aspect, not a good reason to be "read".