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Exceptional overview on the McChrystal issue

Non-political and non-idealogical, even if it is at H-Po. Just a description of the situation as the writer, a Marine dad, sees it.



Personally, all of this makes one feel more and more vinidicated in having believed and having said 9 years ago that if we were going to do all of these ambitious things we needed a universal military draft. That said with my children having been 24, 22 and 19 at the time.



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Re: Exceptional overview on the McChrystal issue

"In 1976, most of the military identified as Independent, while 33 percent identified as Republican (still a larger proportion than the general public). But the armed services have abandoned this neutrality. Now 60 percent considered themselves Republican, and only seventeen percent considered themselves Independent. (The first figure is from data in the Foreign Policy Leadership Project conducted by Prof. Ole Holsti. The last year of the Holsti study was 1996. In that year, about 67 percent of military identified as Republican.)"


I wonder why the military ranks have become more Republican in the last 30 plus years?  Could it be that in the 70's we were still in the midst of a growing anti war movement following the unpopular Vietnam War dragging on resulting in large losses of U.S. military personel and Repubs were not seen as the anti war party.  I can see generals and other top brass that plan on making a carrreer in the military identifying better with Repubs who tend to be the party that favors more military spending but what about the grunts?  Could it be similar to young college kids being indoctrinated by their more liberal college proffessors?   Are young recruits being indoctrinated by their older more conservative military leaders? 


I'm thinking most miltary volunteers tend to come from families with lower incomes and include a higher percentage of minorities which typically align themselves more with the Democrat party so why the doubling of Repubs in the military in the last 30 years?    Have many service men and women boughten into the Republican claim that Dems are soft on national security and feel Repubs will better support them?  Inquiring minds want to know.