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Expected return of debtors' prisons

"Be careful what you wish for. Reader bill clued us in that people who fall behind on debt payments are being incarcerated in six states. While this is generally short-term, it is nevertheless a troubling development, since these are all involve private contracts and look to be an abuse of the court system. From the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune:"

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Re: Expected return of debtors' prisons

Maybe just another "crime" that will eventually overload the system?


Urban violence is beginning to skyocket. Dealing with that could crowd it out.


It's looking like we just be facing an unimaginable mess. What do you suppose the baggers and the Christianists going to do about all of this when they do come to power?


One thing that is going to be required is a surplus of genuine patriotism.

Re: Expected return of debtors' prisons

Hi Bruce,


Yes, there is a huge internal contradiction there- on the one hand the system will get more clogged and on the other hand even these poor souls are turnips with a bit o blood in them- they system can fine them, put them on diversions and probations etc. and in general extract revenue to keep themselves employed. So I'd expect a very irrational and irregular status quo- no telling who gets nailed other than the system will seek out people with incomes that it can leach onto.


You are likely correct that the a Christianist/TP type wing comes to power. Pardon the Nazi analogy (I lose but Craid has already been extincted under Godwin's Law) the Nazis came to power in Germany because the industrialists saw them as preferable to the communists and supported them financially. Same here with corps, banks etc. I suppose that "financial responsibilty" will gain more prominence in the "populist" message.


Best, h

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Re: Expected return of debtors' prisons

What is a Christianist? Are you saying the people in charge now are not Christian?

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Re: From this point of view

It is not really a debtors prison but they are being jailed for disobeying a court order. If you lose a case and are subject to a court order, I don't think you can willfully ignore the order.


Remember the heroic lady that refused to testify against Bill Clinton? Susan " whats her name"

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Re: Expected return of debtors' prisons

OK, let me get this straight HN...

-Are you talking about a prison where folks who owe others money are sent to work off their debt, even though they are making satisfactory monetary restitution?

-Or, are you talking about dead beat borrowers who can't ever hope to pay off a loan, therefore defalt and declare BK..Then their sentence along with a  BK declaration is prison? If so, then will the officers of a BK corp also be sent to the prison too?

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Re: Expected return of debtors' prisons

I am not sure what the leftists would say about the nature of our current government, but I would call it secular and neutral to Christianity, if not actually opposed.


Gay marriage, fetus killings, lies, blasphemy, coveting, stealing.....are there any of the basic ten commandments that are not being broken regularily in Washington by either actual deeds or policies?

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Re: You aren't

bearing false witness are you? Or isn't that a sin anymore?