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Re: Explain this one on hamburger

I understand a little bit (but not enough obviously) about statistics and probability as it relates to finding pathogens and the testing that is required if that is the mission.  An excellent example.  John Munsell's small plant that started the big hoorah over 0157 testing in little plants had 16 tests the year that they ended up finding a postitve.  (not 16 tests because they found a positive.  16 leading up to a postive.)  The Cargill plant that he was getting product from also had 16 tests that year (where the 0157 was coming from.)

I'd just like someone to explain to me how our government is doing its job and how they aren't set out to put little plants out of business while they are shielding the big plants?  That is all I'm asking for.  And like I said I don't have a dog in the ground beef fight.  We don't do beef.  All I know that top to bottom USDA is convinced that little plants don't know their job and big plants can do nothing wrong.  And their own recalls show that big plants account for the overwhelming majority of recalls by recalls and by pounds even though they have a very small portion of the tests.

Its something like 85% of the beef are killed in thirteen plants in the US.  USDA doesn't track the source of any of their testing.  Most little and big plants now days are only grinding facilities.  If they were tracing the source of the 0157 it wouldn't matter where they are doing the tests but they are not.

All of their policies are this blatant against little plants.  This one is just quantifiable by their numbers.