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Senior Contributor

Re: When did Mueller Know?

Keep on with the investigations.  We need more, lots more.  Special prosecuter to investigate the investigators to start.


Re: if you want a republic

Krasimir actually runs zerohedge out of Bulgaria, not Romania. My apologies for the inaccuracy.



Veteran Advisor

Re: Explaining the incomprehensible

Sam, how about the latest where the two FBI agents are discussing the "insurance policy" to make sure that Donald Trump never becomes president?


If an investigation is/was needed, it is to clean house with the FBI. Really starting to sound like a rogue operation that the likes of we have not seen since the days of J Edgar Hoover.


I am actually surprised that the liberals would trade their freedoms in for serfdom in this instance. Then again, maybe not so much surprised as disappointed.

Senior Contributor

Re: Explaining the incomprehensible

I agree,  it's just shocking how short sighted people are.   A bad president for 4 years is much less destructive than a permanent government that decides on its own who may and may not be the executive.