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Re: maybe I jumped to conclusions

It is what it is that the reporting says it is.  Only thing left is to determine connectedness to any thing official. So still room for anybody to sit on supposing.


In what many say is a tinder box, One spark away from becoming a war zone.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

"what it is"

its a chance for Barry Soetoro, Barack Obama, THe BIg Zero, or WTF that wipe 

wants to call himself to actually try to defuse the bomb he created by the way

he has consistently taken the position that police in America are bad people, and

thugs are good people.


He should invited the off duty police officer to the White House for a special

ceremony honoring him with the Medal of Freedom award, and publicly thank

him for his heroism and headsup actions that saved lives.


One small parting gesture from the poorest excuse for leadership that America

has ever witnessed.


And he should endorse Donald Trump for President, call for an end to the

partisanship of his 8 year reign of incompetence and emigrate to some island

paradise, and write philosophy until the savages take him.

Re: "what it is"

Yeah, and to have had the nerve and the basic disrespect for our most sacred traditions to have ever have run in the first place.


Stops and starts there, no?