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Senior Advisor


I suppose the legal beagles at Parler would know this but I don't claim to with any authority.

But the NY indictments against Disco Dave Dennison, Man of God will be unsealed shortly after the inauguration. He'll high tail it to FLA as fast as he can, then fight extradition for as long as he can. Right on Modus- use other peoples' money to (sometimes) pay lawyers to drag things out as long as he can, threaten, stall.

But I'm not sure that he can leave that state safely, or at least to one that might execute an arrest warrant. I'm not sure about overflying states that would be so inclined.

I don't think those will be hard cases to prosecute. It isn't like they're complicated financial deals where you can bring in experts to obfuscate ad confuse most juries of ordinary folk- like say, in Rick Scott's Medicare fraud trials.