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FBI Launching Mass Raids of Antiwar Activists’ Homes

Insists Raids Are Related to 'Material Support for Terrorism'

by Jason Ditz, September 24, 2010

snip-The FBI is confirming that this morning they began a number of “raids” against the homes of antiwar activists, claiming that they are “seeking evidence relating to activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

The warrant against antiwar activist Mick Kelly’s home cited efforts to look into his ability to “pay for his own travel” to Palestine an... and appeared to have been little more than a fishing expedition looking for possible links to “foreign terrorist organizations including but not limited to FARC, PFLP, and Hezbollah.” Kelly insists that the raids were about harassing antiwar organizers.

Officials said they were related to a Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation. The JTTF in Minneapolis has a long history of heavy-handed investigations against protest groups, including an attempt in 2008 to infiltrate a vegan potluck.

Most of the raids were conducted in Minneapolis and were related to antiwar leaders in that city. Other raids were also reported in Chicago, Michigan, and North Carolina. Many of the homes targeted in Minneapolis were related to the Marxist-Leninist group “Freedom Road Socialist Organization” (FRSO) but this was not the only group targeted.


snip from the comments, Janine--

snip-When you allow laws like "material support for terrorism' which criminalise even the most vague of connections to 'terror' groups ( and isn't that arbitrary!) and then sit (largely) idly by while your government makes up laws /declares itself above others /and announces it will henceforth assasinate targeted citizens abroad( on their say so) - all without raising the ire of the population .......well , eventually its going to get so close to home you can't help but notice- protest before its too late!

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Re: FBI Launching Mass Raids of Antiwar Activists’ Homes

I think you lost most of this audience with the part about the FBI infiltrating a vegan potluck.

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Re: FBI Launching Mass Raids of Antiwar Activists’ Homes


I never got that far.

Red Steele
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Better Warn Bruce!

Bruce, you had better watch out what you talk about at those family get togethers...maybe the BTO brother in law will turn you in to the FBI if he thinks he hears a socialistic rant.


Strange days.


If BIll Ayers actually is calling the shots in America, the FBI must be a rogue organization.

bruce MN
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Re: Better Warn Bruce!

Depends on which side of the family. Wife's mothers side can't stop praying and proselityzing long enough to argue.


No BTP BILs here. One farmer among 8 of them..modest sized.

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Re: Better Warn Bruce!

May be they were trying to connect the dots.

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Re: FBI Launching Mass Raids of Antiwar Activists’ Homes


As usual, Paul Craig Roberts doesn't sugar coat it.