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Senior Contributor

Re: FBI groveling?

No, he doesn't, his latest fiasco proves it! His approval rating is now 34%, disapproval 65%, nope he knows nothing! But you needin' worry, he's not going to make the trip to the 2020 nomination.


Re: FBI groveling?

If he’d have understood politics he’d have been aware of the possibility that he might actually get the nomination, would have to run and if the Electoral College stars aligned properly he might win.


Nothing more obvious lately than the fact that he never wanted to be President and his blustrous dive into the deal was a branding thing.


Erosion of the Savior complex that drew so many independents and (well documented) previous Obama voters seems to be what’s eating away at his approval.  


The political damage factor is how it may subtly affect elected Republicans.  Trump will be THE issue in The their next campaign.  

Senior Advisor

Re: FBI groveling?

Trump verses the party of cheap labor, crime and corruption against American citizens. Trump for working Americans. Progressive for ILLEGAL aliens.

Senior Contributor

Re: FBI groveling?

Haha haha!  You just passed Bart on the BS meter....congratulations, thats a feet.