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FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

Sent in by NY State officials. Unrelated to Mueller investigation.
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not Avenatti.


Source- "likely not good news for the POTUS."


What the heck is Sessions doing messing around with drug dealers instead of keeping a leash on his employees?

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Re: Cohen's

HHHUUMMMMMMMM.....yesterday it comes out Mueller is working with the same russian as Mueller raids Cohen's office.

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Re: Cohen's

(HHHUUMMMMMMMM.....yesterday it comes out Mueller is working with the same russian as Mueller raids Cohen's office.)


One can assume that the liberal rag NY AG Schneiderman, whom loved Hillary and hates Trump, and whom is in cahoots with Mueller, is behind this latest scheme.

At this point it's become just about trying to bring down a President, because the Comey, Manafort, Schneiderman, etc. crew's girl Hillary lost the election.

It is no longer about Russian collusion - it is time to fire Rosenstein & Mueller and end this charade.

Re: Cohen's can just assume the obvious- that the POTUS is a lyin' crook.

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sessions doing a great job

Lynch's fbi never raided high profile suspects, allowed those suspects to destroy the evidence and choose what evidence to turn over.  Lynch was even known to meet with suspects family to discuss family and "stuff".


Maybe some professionalism is being returned under competent leadership.

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Re: Cohen's

Mueller still hasn't figured out the melting point of steel.

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Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

1) By any means necessary.

2) “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.” President Barack H. Obama

3) Exitus acta probat.

4) The ends justifies the means.

5) Power comes from the barrel of a gun.

6) Might makes right.

7) “Show me the man and I will find you the crime.” Lavrentiy Beria (Stalin’s NKVD Director)

😎 “The process is the punishment” Franz Kafka (The Trial, 1926).


Since November 8, 2016 and from time immemorial; all of the above have always meant the same d*mn thing. Lawlessness. 


What our “Washington DC/Wall Street Patriot Class” could not achieve at the ballot box, they will now attempt to do using alternative methods. Get ready folks. There is just no telling where this tiger ride is eventually going to end up.

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Re: Cohen's

Will    the    NEW   Bernstein  &  Woodward ,   step  up  to  the  head  of  the  class  on  the   WHO  IS  ''' David  Dennison '''  discovery  ?        

Trump's handpicked US attorney

approved the warrant.


Which would tend to suggest that there was pretty compelling evidence of wrongdoing.


That would also suggest that The Folk placed their hopes on a plug, even if he had a reality TV show.