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Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

Sooner or later you rightards will learn that your words, insults and threats are making you hypocrites. You see I and 100% of the liberals remember “LOCK HER UP!” and “BENGHAZI!”


if there's probable cause to believe that the attorney is a co-conspirator in a crime then there is no attorney-client privilege in that matter.


A shame, because otherwise it would open up a very lucrative situation for the several hundred thousand surplus attorneys around.


Saul Goodman.

Senior Contributor

Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

I lost my faith in the American people that couldn't see through this cretin


Don't give up on your fellow citizens GTO, remember the majority voted for  someone else not for the one your system selected.

Re: Kellyanne's hubby

Pretty common knowledge that you and your attorney don't have privilege while committing crimes together. Well, except for the stable genius and his dolt followers apparently....


to think this whole thing really started with birtherism which is really racism, and because he couldn't take a joke from the Black POTUS on the part of Trumplethinskin.

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Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

president banged a ***** 11 years ago


and you think that is why they are searching his records?


Keep up millie.........

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Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

LAWLESS   -  sure  is  making  some  folks  nervous -  where  is  the  FAKE  NEWS  theme  now - - - Maybe  several wives  rushhh , could  render  some  advice ?

Re: Kellyanne's hubby

I'd have to agree, in large part.


Not a large step for a guy whose Dad got arrested for scaring black folks out of his properties in a Klan outfit, or the Central Park 6.

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Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

We all know how that turned out...

what'll you do to get rich?

I guess you could say that the Trump fortune began with his grandfather running brothels in the Klondike, but 'Ol Fred was really the builder.


In the postwar period, both blockbusting and selective manipulation of segregation were key tactics.


Some people coulda been, but maybe weren't willing to do what it took.

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Re: Will check on that

I guess I will need to check with our resident lawyer Dale Walker (GTO and associates) and his law firm......Also might ask them about what was up with Loretta and Bills meeting on how to change grand children's dirty diapers...