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Re: amazing incompetence

Guess it didn't include you.

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Ya! We do, Allen

As soon as ole Trey Gowdy walked out the door, he spilled the beans, it was all a plan to discredit Hillary! It worked! You got what you wanted, now you're going to live with the consequences, so brace yourself!! LOL!!


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Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

(and you think that is why they are searching his records?)


According to the SNN - Yes

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Re: Will check on that

Quit a compliment GTO...a sincere thank you for that.....just a guy that would like to see a good future for my family. 

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Re: FBI raids Stormy’s lawyer’s office

gt.0 quote:


"We already know the NRA, did!! LOL!! Our wonderful, partriotic 2nd Amendment rights group!!"



IF there was a wrong commited, it would be great that it is caught AND corrected, but from the obummer Clinton era's, it is a known,

from b low j obs to miss handled funds are NOT even hand slap offenses...


I'm proud to have voted for president Trump AND a member of the NRA, and I will agree, I don't agree with everything, BUT it is so

much better than what was being done before WE got a business minded person helping to lead the country rather than a politician

heading for fuel at the swamp.