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FDA bans free cigars for troops

What is wrong with these people? You can't have a free cigar but you can have a free sex change operation. The cigars are not billed to the tax payers the sex change operation is. These people are just plain freakin NUTS!!



The Food and Drug Administration has finally confirmed that companies are banned from donating cigars to U.S. troops, according to an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal.

In early September, GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Marine Corps reservist who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, wrote a letter to the FDA asking for clarification on a confusingly worded regulation that could be interpreted as a ban on companies donating cigars to troops.

Now, Ramesh Menon, acting supervisory congressional affairs specialist for the FDA, has cleared up the confusion in a response to Hunter’s letter: yes, companies are most definitely banned from donating cigars.

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Re: FDA bans free cigars for troops

I would hope that troops don't smoke.  First, it smells on the uniform and the last thing soldiers need is to add an olfactory tell-tale to their presence.  Secondly, the temptation or need to fire up can cause position signatures to reveal one's location.  Thirdly, smoking does not help one's stamina and physical abiltiies.

If I were the commander of troops in a hostile zone I'd openly encourage them to not smoke.  Don't dip snuff, eitiher, but maybe that's not so critical.

Yes, I've spent a tour in a combat zone in combat operations.  A couple of wars ago.

I agree 100$%that the policy sounds like a nanny state.  We don't seem to have any scruples about banning aclohol in Muslim countries.  Maybe banning smoking in the military is not such a horrendous idea at that.

I was in the Army when the big smoking and drinking cultural change occured in the mid-late '80s.  In a couple of years it went from nearly mandatory appearance at the Friday afternoon Hapy Hour in a smoke filled room to soldiers having maybe one glass of wine and no smoking at social events and NCO's busted and Officers getting career-ending efficiency reports if cought one time DWI.  Therefore, there is no reason to assume the culture demands troops fire up stogies to be manly or macho or whatever.


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Re: FDA bans free cigars for troops

Thank you for your service.


Time to ban free cookies. We can't have fat troops. Step right up is you want to have a sex change operation.


How many transgenders would you want leading you into combat?