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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

FDR's "John the Baptist" to Obama's "Black Jesus"

What would the world be like today if a decent person, and not a political opportunist, had taken

power after the crash?

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor


In fact, as many observers claimed at the time, the New Deal did prolong the depression. Had Roosevelt only kept his inoffensive campaign promises of 1932—cut federal spending, balance the budget, maintain a sound currency, stop bureaucratic centralization in Washington—the depression might have passed into history before his next campaign in 1936. But instead, FDR and Congress, especially during the congressional sessions of 1933 and 1935, embraced interventionist policies on a wide front. With its bewildering, incoherent mass of new expenditures, taxes, subsidies, regulations, and direct government participation in productive activities, the New Deal created so much confusion, fear, uncertainty, and hostility among businessmen and investors that private investment, and hence overall private economic activity, never recovered enough to restore the high levels of production and employment enjoyed in the 1920s.




Sounds to me like that FDR was a first class liar...I would have voted for him based on what he promised in the 1932

campaign....the guy was a real Tea Party crusader.

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Re: Exerpt

While you are down grading FDR, I would remind you that he was elected 4 times to the office of the presidency. This all occured during the great depression and ended during world war two.


Whats interesting is that the Obama administration started during a similar economic situation and yet you claim that it was a failed administration. All the while there has been great progress during his term of governing. The outrageous right demonizes all his successes and fails to recognise from whence he started with them progress made.


The outfit that put our economy in the ditch wants to disassemble the accompishments of the Obama administration. Instead they think they have the answers. Fortunately the trumpster has grabbed the reins ofthe republican party and the rightwikl have to deal with him along with the remaining democrats. The results will probably conflict with both the demos and the righties.


I think it is very possible that Obama would have been elected for the third term if he was eligible. Unfortunately we will never know. However, anyone knows the comparison of America in 2008 compared to america in 2016 would marvel at the economic change in the USA. Are you better off then or now.


Me Thinks that if you were honest you would have to admit that but I won't wait around for your acceptance of that notion.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Exerpt

the national debt that my kids and grandkids are saddled with has increased to

$20 that the kind of financial success you are talking about? And, mind

you, this is just the stated debt...the unfunded liabilities for entitlements dwarfs

that and will prove to be unsustainable.


Back in the 80's, as your equity withered away, and you faced bankruptcy,

did you feel more successful, too? Strange way of looking at things.