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The internet entertains us with many opinions on what Bill Clinton will be referred to when Hillary Clinton becomes president.  Much of the discussion is about the niceties and nuances of titles.  Compounding that issue is that Bill Clinton was president so the title president is sometimes used (usuallyl incorrectly).

We have a pentient for acronyms such as First Lady Of The United States (FLOTUS), Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) President Of The United States (POTUS) and so forth.

First Gentleman of the United States (FGOTUS)?  Seems to lose something in the contrived pronunciation.

Yes, all the comments and cracks on the term gentleman have already been made online so go ahead, you'll simply be one of a horde.  First Man?  First Consort?  Look online, there are myriads.

I really don't care, just thought this would be a topic to get everyone steamed up about.  Have fun, boys and girls.  🙂



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Very simple and pointed out by Hillary many years ago. We are the president's

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Re: FGOTUS? decide. However it will likely be "Former President Bill Clinton." Kinda boring, but that's what it will be unless it's just "Bill Clinton."


The founding fathers never figured on a lady president. It wasn't in their realm of thought in those times and social structure. And a former president married to a woman president was way out of their forethought. They tried very hard to see the future, but a woman president was not even conceivable at the time.