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bruce MN
Advisor last. Some baseball to watch

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Re: last. Some baseball to watch

Was coming home from grocery trip and saw a tee ball game playing. Turned around and watched a couple of innings. Kids seemed to be having a great time. Big baseball fan and anticipating MLB in a couple of weeks.  

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Re: last. Some baseball to watch

( last. Some baseball to watch)

You must not be much of a baseball fan when you mention "baseball" in a post that take a person to politics.

The 1985 playoffs have been running here which brings back some good memories - and Brett's sweet swing.

bruce MN

Re: last. Some baseball to watch

My wife and I are employees of a Major League Baseball franchise and are both lifetime big time baseball fans.

Told my grandsons the other day that I’d drop anything I was doing right now to watch 18 mice play baseball in a bathtub.

They’ve been running Twins Classic replays up here since March as well. Some great moments.

That Royals team was damn good. Damned brain cancer. Bowser and Quissenberry  gone much too soon.

Fun to root for a team from your own Division. ‘15 Royals were a thrill. As were the ‘05 White Sox going 11-1 in the playoffs.

Been to 21 ML ball parks. Kaufman hands down my favorite.