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FLA elections

the world won't stop turning one way or the other.


But it leaves me unable to stop thinking about the time the coalition of Good People and Oligarchs stole the Presidential election there.*


Shortly thereafter we had the worst attack on US soil ever, followed by two failed wars that have cost $6T and still counting. We had the worst financial collapse since 1929 and that, along with tax cuts, put us another $10T in debt. Our civil liberties were violated and our country became a torturing rogue nation.


The Oligarchs know but don't care. The Good People accept no blame and in fact are The Real Victims.


*along with a greasy operator at the SCOTUS. The final count still isn't clear but that just goes to show how unpopular Shrub was that it was that close after his brother suppressed a million votes.



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Re: FLA elections

Yeah I know boo hoo hoo your socialist perfered, Kenyan candidate didn`t didn`t get to be governor of Florida yeah yeah yeah "the Russians!".   Actually this is all Florida`s fault they`ve had 18 yrs to clean up their act.   In this technology age, Florida is still finding votes in Mayonnaise jars on Funk & Wagnells porch 3 days after the election....oh I know, it gives you false hope of a revolution for a few days, but Florida is an embarrassment as far as how they conduct their Democrat elections.


Re: FLA elections

You didn't address whether The Good People share any responsibility for the parlous state of the Republic or are just The Real Victims.




the commonest piece of phony baloney BS

is to say, "not my fault since I voted for Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot or Ron Paul  and I don't recall ever hearing of those GWB and Cheney fellers."


Even if you are 99% on board against the more important matter- the common enemy.


And of course united in being Real Victims.

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Re: FLA elections

Whoever has any power in Florida to straighten out their crooked mess and doesn't should be thrown out.


Re: FLA elections

Republicans have been in power for at least 20 years.


The amount of funding it would require to create a solid uniform system is not significant in the scheme of things.



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Re: FLA elections

The dems who run elections in Florida are the laughing stock of the world. They put the banana in banana republic.

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Re: the commonest piece of phony baloney BS

Okay, this will give you the excuse to use your "two step" comment (that I`m still not completely understanding).   But, each of us individuals have one vote (or we should) in 99% of cases at election time you have 2 choices a liberal or a liberal Republican...well the liberal Republican best represents us white people.  Like GW Bush he represented us maybe 60% where liberals (Democrats) are 100% against us on every issue...just like Canuck.  So when faced with death by fire or death by drowning, I guess I choose "death by drowning"?  cause I`ve never drowned or gotten fatally burned yet, but would assume drowning would be a slightly easier death.


But yeah, in the primaries...oh yeah I support Ron Paul Pat Buchanan Ross Perot and Donald Trump because then I don`t have to choose my method of death and if their policies are fully implemented, I and the rest of us will live and even thrive.   But when it comes down to only 2 people standing a chance to win, both a vote for my death, I`ll pick the GW Bush, McCain, Mitt Romney that`ll give me the easiest death.     If that`s "2 step" so be it.