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bruce MN

Fabulous book excerpt

From the same author who wrote "What's the Matter With Kansas?".


About the miserable POS who inhabited the people's White House from 92-2000 and whose wife wants to move him back in there.


Conservatives should love a critique like this, other than the fact he was pushing and enabling elitist conservative initiatives. 


Biggest DINO of all time, who left us with Debbie-Wasserman Shultz and Rahm Emanuel, lying at the bottom of the closet like a couple of dirty shirts.


Take the time for this one:

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Senior Advisor

Re: Fabulous book excerpt

Salon just wants to bury Hillary so they can get the communist with an Indian running mate.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Fabulous book excerpt

nice job by "Thomas Frank" where he takes convicted cop killer Rector, and uses circuituous reasoning

to make him into a 13 yr old youth with a cocaine rock.


Just like Clinton in the whitehouse in the 90' can hate the cad, but you have to admire the workmanship.

bruce MN

Re: Fabulous book excerpt

You're welcome.


Re: Fabulous book excerpt

Time will tell, I'm not as certain that Clinton gets the nomination as the pundit class is (or the GOP, which is stuck in the 90s).


But can't imagine why very large numbers of First Class passengers on the SS GOP won't quietly pull the lever for her against either Trump or Cruz. They don't really care about abortion, gay cakes, or guns (which is a settled issue anyway, given recent SCOTUS decisions) and she unquestionably serves their best interests.


That's how it looks to me but I guess it also assumes that the First Class folks have any more control over their emotions than the steerage crowd does.