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Failin' NYT just upped the ante

anyone who hadn't been captured by The Cult knew that Trump is a grifter and a fraud but the NYT article with some of the deep background highlights that fact that a House D majority with investigative power is going to Benghazi his business lies into oblivion in no time flat.


His only possible defense is to get a fifth monarchist on the SCOTUS and hope that they'll deem that the POTUS is above all law.


So just rammin' The Preppie Rapist through becomes the sole objective.

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Re: Failin' NYT just upped the ante

The whining, entitled, frat boy is flawed and hopefully at least 3 senators will step up and DQ this guy...
Then they start over with a nominee who doesn’t have warts all over him.
After the midterms the investigations can start in earnest on the corrupt president....

Re: Failin' NYT just upped the ante

Since they're going to ram somebody through anyway it might be best if it is this lyin' shmuck.


Just make it as painfully obvious what they're all about in the process.


A D House can continue the investigation although unlikely he'd be removed before 2021. And there will be a reactionary court in place at least until then, either way.