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Failure of imagination

which has never been a strong point in The Heartland anyway.


Trump's getting pinched in large part due to entirely legal FISA courts, GOP appointed FISA judges etc. who came about when the Good Folk et their collective knickers and ran to hand over their constitutional rights over 9/11.


Granted, that was bad, and on TV besides, but approximately the equivalent of the first 15 minutes at Shiloh in the scheme of things. Keep calm and carry on. Make a rational plan.


But anyhow, as The Folk get hysterical over gun confiscation, land reform, mass buggery absd OMG what else and decide to give the NY/Moscow con man further powers, any thought as to how those things might actually come to pass?


Now granted, when BA's sainted parents were milking 4X to pay for the tutors to get him through the FFA Star Farmer Exam on the 7th try they probably weren't thinking about that.




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Re: Failure of imagination

I bet if you ever called "hardest worker" in your lifetime, it was in jest like my college buddy that was nicknamed Hardest at his fathers factory. 



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Re: Failure of imagination

The only thing hard on hardnox is his head!