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Veteran Advisor

Re: Death penalty by Another Name

They used the filibuster on BUSH'S ANTI-ABORTION JUDGE APPOINTMENTS  NOT on anti-abortion laws.  That is because they never put forth any bills to end it.  The Dems thought and rightly so, that they would be legislating from the bench.  Something you guys are always accusing Dems of.  The people running for election this time around all claimed to be anti-abortion just as all those in power from 2000-2006 were also anti-abortion in name only.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Death penalty discussion

Well I guess no one has any argument against revenge so millie has to drag out the shock pictures and help you all change the subject.

I will leave abortion to those of you who believe it is Ok to kill others.


Re: Death penalty

 Hang - em - high in order to demonstrate to hard cases there is a price to pay.   I believe there are crimes being committed in the swamps of Virginia and the criminals should be hung from the Senate and their carcass left hanging there to rot, maybe two lobbyists should be hung for every elected official doing the dance for their betrayal of their obligations and false loyalties to The People


   That's the way the world works.


  Treason is necessarily a capital offence.  Spies like Pollard and his fellow travelers should be used to establish and define the limits in order to protect our sovereignty.   Capital punisment for elected officials and military and governmental workers, and spies, it's not necessary for civil laws.