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almost cruel

for the gubmint to have overshot the ethanol target by a good 5 b/g/y* with fairy tales about cellulosic ethanol and such and thereby way over-amped the ag economy. 


To then fail to offer a safety net when the inevitable occurred.


But as you say, very few people left, so who really cares?


*there's no direct equivalency as far as MTBE, emission types and a10% ethanol blend mandate. It was a totally random number, based on pie in the sky claims about next gen ethanol and 35 b/g/y.


Versus the 15 target- which we never reached, 9 was fairly achievable, would have still been a very big deal for agriculture but would have limited some of the extremes.


Dang gubmint.

Senior Advisor

Re: almost cruel

And yet you want them to have 100% control over your health care.

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Re: Farm Bill

I am reminded of an old Woody Allen joke of a man pleading with his psychiatrist for help with his brother who thinks he is a chicken.


The shrink says; Bring him in. I think I can cure him.


The man replies; but Doc, you don’t understand, it’s my family. We need the eggs.


In a (very small) nutshell, that is my life. Very few of the farm bills passed over the years have ever made much sense to me, but my family still needs the eggs. So, I guess I am for all of them and, of course, keeping Iowa forever as America’s first Presidential caucus state....not that one has anything to do with the other, mind you. .Smiley Wink